The Basics of Tai Chi Chuan: 1. The three sections and nine parts


It is crucial for the practise of Tai Chi and Qi Gong to be aware of the different parts of the body and their interaction.

The human body has got three sections and nine parts:

1. The spine: head, thorax and abdomen

2. the two arms: shoulder, elbow and hands

3.the two legs: hip, knee and feet

So before starting any movement it is good to go through each and every part almost like a protocol something like that:

– stand upright, calm your mind and focus inwards

– tongue at the roof of the mouth

– lift the crown, drop the shoulders and relax  your chest

– relax and drop your hip

– breathe trough your belly

Scan all of the 9 parts of the of the body from top to bottom and let go of the any tension that you may encounter.

By doing this every time before  starting, the quality and clarity of your practice will increase.


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