Markus Tanzer

Certified instructor for Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

Disciple of Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu

Lecturer for Austria, Germany and Switzerland


Serenity, body control, mental and physical strength achieved by a combination of movement and meditation this concept fascinated Markus Tanzer since childhood.

At the age of 12 he picked up training in a local Kung Fu-School but after his yellow belt exam he lost interest. The element of meditation wasn’t there and pure physical drill simply  boring.

The Tai Chi Schools in Vienna haven’t been really convincing, so Markus soon realised that he had to look elsewhere in order to find a qualified teacher.

His search continued for more then ten years. In the meantime he turned to Yoga and learned various methods of concentration and meditation. He also studied the philosophical side of Daoism.

But finally his persistence paid off, while watching a YouTube Video of Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu something struck him and he knew he finally found his teacher.

He contacted GM Wu Kwong Yu and after a short email conversation and being asked a few questions the Grandmaster invited Markus to come to Hong Kong and start learning Wu Style Tai Chi.

In one on one lessons Grandmaster Wu passed on the knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan to Markus, the same way his father and grandfather and other members of the Wu family handed it down to him continuing the tradition of preserving that priceless knowledge.

While at the same time training with his fellow students in the regular classes.

2014 Markus Tanzer then became the Disciple of GM Wu Kwong Yu and hereby part of the 6. Generation of the Wu family.

Following the tradition and the wish of his teacher it is now his turn as a disciple to refine and pass on the knowledge to the next Generation.

Therefore he founded his Tai chi school “WU TAI CHI AUSTRIA” in 2017.