The following is a brief summary of the main features of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan:

  1. The form is the essence. Regular practise strengthens the bones and muscles and moderates the circulatory system. This is confirmed by the principles of modern biology and pathology. Preventing disease and prolonging life, Tai Chi Chuan nourishes one`s vitality.
  2. No matter what your condition or age might be, Tai Chi Chuan increases your quality of life!
  3. Push hands is the application. The methodology follows the Tai Chi principle of movement and stillness. This is where things are put into practise and the understanding of the movements learned in the form is deepened. These applications use the principals of psychology and physics, not mystical powers.
  4. Each stance and posture is centred and comfortable, every motion must be agile with light circularity.
  5. Chi is nurtured and a strong, tensile energy is developed. There is hard within soft. Let your mind concentrate inwards and intention be stored below the navel (dantien).Then, by practising and refining, you gradually become more and more subtle, eventually reaching sublime levels and spiritual clarity.


The curriculum of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan:

– 108 Standard (segmented) Form

– Loosening exercises, warm up’s, softening exercises

– Basic walking

– Chi Kung, Nei Gong, breathing exercises

– Meditation

– Push hands, application, partner exercises

– 108 and 54 round form

– 21, 15 simplified form

– Sword form

– Saber form

– Spear

– Tai Chi ruler