The Theory:

Tai Chi is the universal principal behind birth and transformation. Though Tai chi has no form, shape, sound nor colour, all forms shapes, sounds and colours are born and transformed through it.

Emerging from No polarity, Tai Chi is the pivot of movement and stillness, the parent of Yin and Yang.

So Tai Chi is forever in a dynamic state of opening and closing.

Heaven, Earth and everything within is constantly coming and going, always changing, this is the essence of Tai Chi.

Really understanding that is already a great achievement, in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan we then study these changes and the rules they follow.

We learn how to make these changes as smooth as possible, being firm but never resisting, this brings about harmony and a wonderful, peaceful state of mind.

The practice:

More practically speaking in the beginning the student gets to know the parts of his body and how they work and interact with each other.

Therefore, one has to know the human body is divided into three parts and nine sections.

The three parts are the spine(back), the two arms and the two legs.

  1. Spine: the head, thorax and abdomen. These three sections make up the main trunk of the body.
  2. Arms: the hands, elbows and shoulders. These three sections constitute the upper limbs.
  3. Legs: the hips, knees and feet. These three sections constitute the body’s lower limbs

“What’s the point, everybody knows that”, one might say, but are you really conscious of these parts?

For example: If you can sink your sacrum/hip and lift your head at the same time, you will be stretching your spine and regenerate it enhancing the blood circulation big time.

A technique, once learned and frequently done will refresh you and can save you a lot of backpain.

Once familiar with the parts of the body the student understands the mechanical working of the body.

The more the mechanical principles, the proper interactions of the joints are understood, the more the mind is guiding and executing the motions.

Then the joints are used to stretch the ligaments (or fascia) and activate the meridians, that are located on them. This is a priceless benefit for the health and overall wellbeing.

Then the breathing is synchronized with the rhythmic stretching of the body, until they are in perfect harmony.

Witch gradually leads to the last, the highest level of Tai Chi Chuan, an indescribable, peaceful state of mind in which a perfect harmony a body and mind is enjoyed.