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The lineage of the Wu family goes back almost 180 years, Master Chuan Yau was the founder of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. During the Ching dynasty he was a Manchurian member of the imperial guard in Bejing. He learned Tai Chi Chuan from the founder of Yang Style, Master Yang Lu-Chan, and also studied under his son Master Yang Ban Hou.

For 5. Generations now this knowledge is passed down from one generation to the other undiluted and undistorted.

The Tai Chi school –WU TAI CHI AUSTRIA- is part of the  –INTERNATIONAL WU STYLE TAI CHI CHUAN FEDERATION- and follows it’s standards, so that a high quality in teaching is guaranteed.

Markus Tanzer is a certified teacher and disciple (6. Generation) of Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu and listed on the international website.