The Basics of Tai Chi Chuan: 3. The Eight Fundamentals:

1. Centredness: Calm the mind relax, and sink the Qi. All stances rooted in the feet. Focus the centre of gravity around the waist and spine.

2. Uprightness: When practising the form, each stance is correctly aligned upright.

3. Tranquility: The meaning of tranquility is that there should be no forced or strained movement. One moves naturally and the breathing is even and relaxed.

4. Comfort: Comfort means movements of the form are properly extended, every joint of the body is extended and relaxed.

5. Lightness: The movements should be natural and unrestrained.

6. Agility: Being light and nimble results in relaxed sinking.

7. Circularity: Every movement must be arch-like , then the body moves as a unit, without indentations, protrusions or pauses.

8. Liveliness: Being agile precludes sluggish or uncoordinated movements. All joints of the body should be relaxed, connected, coordinated and properly extended.

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